About Pamela Larocque

Pamela Larocque is many things to many people. 

On a personal level she is a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Professionally, she is a Social Worker, an Energy Healer, an advocate of healthy living, and an author.

She has had many difficult experiences in her life and she is making amends with her soul for choosing these painful life lessons to help her soul grow and expand to a deeper level.

Melding all of her roles and life experiences together, she has coined the term for herself, Life Purpose Mentor. Her mission is to share her life story, as well as use her personal and professional experiences, to help others heal. So, this is why she views herself as a life purpose mentor, but she continues daily to heal her own heart from the loss of her baby. Pam continues to work with the Arch Angels and many guides, to continue moving forward to complete her soul’s contract.

Pam is very aware that she is also a human being…an empath with strong emotions and deep feelings. Her self-compassion has grown since she began her writing journey and she has come to a place of peace within herself after many years of searching.

“We are not human beings in search of a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings emersed in a human experience.”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer

These words speak to her because they resonate deep within her heart. So, the balancing act continues… and with every step she takes…she is guided from beyond the veil… to keep up the terms of her contract… because she knows that it was her soul’s signature that sealed her fate…and designed her destiny …before she was even born…before she chose to return to earth in this lifetime to become a mother.

She is not willing to repeat these lessons in another lifetime. She continues to step forward to learn them now. Then pass on the wisdom that she has gained to those who are a part of her soul group so they can heal as well. Her gratitude for God, Mother Mary, Jesus, the Arch Angels, Seraph Adalian, her beloved Ryken…as well as many others… empowers her to march onward…one step at a time… because for Pam,  life is about taking one step at a time, slowly but surely…like a turtle.

Pam tries to live daily in a place of love. Love for life and all the experiences that she has had, both good and bad. Love for her family and friends and the challenges that happen from time to time. Most importantly, love for herself.

Because for Pam, life has been difficult and there were many times that she had to stop and go within to take refuge from the world she was living in…just as a turtle stops and withdraws into her shell for protection… so has Pam.

However, Pam recalls that as the story goes…it was the turtle that won the race.

She also knows that
love is infinite … always.

I began my professional career as a Social Worker in 1997.  The loss of my second son Ryken in 2005, led me on a quest about life and the meaning of mine in particular.  I chose to explore the healing modality of Reiki and completed the courses to become a USUI Reiki Master and Practitioner in 2010.  I was guided in 2013 to explore the healing modality known as Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).   This healing modality works with 9 Arch Angels and the violet angelic ray, as well as working directly with your 12 strand Spiritual DNA, to get “the issues out of the tissues.”  In July of 2014, I became an Integrated Energy Therapy Master- Instructor which allows me to teach the first three levels of Integrated Energy Therapy and the course “Healing with the Angels.”

My love of the Arch Angels and their gift to help myself and others to heal “one heart at a time” has been magical for me.  Especially with all the loss and trauma I had endured in my life at this time.  IET is about releasing negative emotions that no longer serve our highest good or our highest purpose.  I believe that in order to heal, it is important to embrace our life circumstances and acknowledge what we are feeling. This allows our emotions to surface and with the help of the Arch Angels, these negative emotions are released from the body.  Then there is space for the life affirming emotions, such as trust, love, forgiveness, faith, ease, spiritual pride, and safety, to be imprinted into the body.

I was once again led In 2017, to further my own healing and completed the course of Love and Faith with Seraph ADALIAN.  I am now a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom and have the gift to share the waves of love from Seraph ADALIAN with others.  The work that I do with Seraph ADALIAN is part of my life purpose to help heal the world. 

I am compelled to share about the gift that energy healing has brought into my life on both a personal and professional level.  I combine these modalities with my social work and counseling experience, to help my clients on their intentional healing path.  When we decide to put our time and energy into doing the work so we can heal our hearts and move forward out of the dark… towards the light, amazing things happen.

I was drawn to learn more about energy work when I began my own self-healing journey.  I was searching to heal my pain that had manifested on all levels of my body, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The energy work helped me to deal with my body pain, grief, depression, anxiety and PTSD.  I refer to Reiki as my first love because it was my first experience with energy healing.  A few years later, when I was guided to learn about Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), I felt that my soul had finally found her place in this world.  Another way to understand what IET does is simply this… “integrating the pain of the past, into the power of the present, to bring about the joy of the future.”  This is why I refer to IET as my soul love…because this is what I was searching for since the loss of my baby.  For me, being a mother was a mixture of raw, unbearable pain and loss, intertwined with an overflowing well of unconditional love for my children.  IET also empowered me to trust and find the courage to write my books to help others by sharing my story.  You can read more at www.learniet.com.

These modalities have helped, both myself and my clients on our paths immensely.  The work that I do now consists of one-on-one with a client, either in person or long distance, and group healing as well.  For more information about the healing work I do or to book a session with myself, please email me at bridgingselftosoul@gmail.com.

I believe that we all have been born to learn some valuable lessons but I also recognize that life on earth can be difficult for many.  I understand that the path of healing is difficult but I want to reiterate that it is worth it…because each of us is deserving of a life filled with love and joy…peace and serenity.

When we walk through our pain and trauma to conquer our sorrow and grief, our depression and anxiety…intentional healing can begin.  I firmly believe in the importance of  doing this with supports in place both on earth and the other side.  This is what I have done for myself and now this is what I do to help others who want to heal. 

It is my hope that you are led to the pathways of love, joy, peace and acceptance…because just like I AM…YOU ARE deserving of this.  This is the essence of intentional healing… to mend your broken heart and feel whole once again.

I had the privilege to work with Lisa Berry from Light on Living through Om Times Radio in 2018.  Together we talked about the 7 chakras over four different shows.   My Energy Healing Work is another one of my  “Passions In Life” and it brought me tremendous joy to do this show with Lisa. At this present time you can listen to each episode for FREE.  I hope you enjoy these listening experiences.

All episodes are from iOM Radio Network – OMTimes on Spotify

Interview on Ryken’s Journey with Pam Larocque and Lisa Berry from Light on Living on OM Times Radio Network
“Purposeful Grief – A Conscious Choice to Heal”  February 5, 2018 

Episode One “Food For the Soul” with Pamela Larocque and Lisa Berry “Preparing A Meal For The Woman’s Soul” – On International Women’s Day – Root Chakra

Episode Two “Food for the Soul” with Pamela Larocque and Lisa Berry “Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras”

Episode Three “Food for the Soul” with Pamela Larocque and Lisa Berry “I Heart You Loud and Clear” Heart and Throat Chakra

Episode Four “Food for the Soul” with Pamela Larocque and Lisa Berry “Seeing is Understanding, Feeling is Connecting!” Third Eye and Crown Chakra

Other things that I LOVE…and that I want to share with you…

My journey to healthy living began in earnest in September of 2003 when the doctor was concerned about the possibility of my oldest son Kaden, who was only 2 months old at the time,  having asthma and allergies.  There was a conversation about puffers and steroids for him at some point possibly.  I did not want this to happen as he was still a tiny baby.  I was leery about medications and supplements as I had iron supplement poisoning from the age of 16 until 24.  You can imagine how much fear I had and was against introducing anything into Kaden’s little body if I could help it.  I was also suffering with Post Partum Depression at this time and this magnified my concerns for Kaden, because that is what mental health issues do sometimes to people.Then days later, a miracle happened for myself and my baby.  A close friend that I trusted immensely,  introduced me to Juice Plus…and because it was actual fruit and vegetables encapsulated.

I listened to my intuition and began to take it for Kaden because he would get the added nutrition through my breast milk.  It was my hope that it would boost his immune system and keep him off any medical intervention of puffers and steroids.  To my complete joy it worked.  I also noticed a significant change in my own health each month.  My Irritable Bowel Syndrome went into remission, I felt more balanced with my Post Partum Depression, I had increased levels of energy and felt better on the inside,  even though my baby still nursed every two hours around the clock, morning and night.  Juice Plus is also endorsed by Dr. William Sears, who is one of the top Pediatrician’s in North America.  I decided to become a distributor in March of 2004, after taking Juice Plus for 7 months and LOVING it.   I have never looked back nor had one regret.  My family takes Juice Plus for the simple fact that it is a whole food supplement, ( most researched and largest selling in the world I might add) and to keep us healthy and our immune systems strong.  To read more about Juice Plus or to order it for yourself and your family you can go to www.pamlarocque.canada.juiceplus.com.  

The other thing that I  LOVE and use daily is the Young Living Essential Oils. My love for them began after I had learned Reiki and was laying on a massage table having my own healing session done at a trade show.  Right beside me was a distributor of Young Living and she was diffusing a calming blend.  During the session, all I could think about was that I wanted my clients to have the same wonderful experience as me. So I became a distributor right after my session.  I use the thieves cleaning in my home on a regular basis, if not daily and the oils with my family and my clients.  To order some products for yourself go to my link at https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/new-start?sponsorid=1511521&enrollerid=1511521&isocountrycode=CA&culture=en-CA&type=member.

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